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Marcus Fialco
Hebrew name: Y'hoshuah Mordecai ha Cohen
Marcus was born in Feb 1862 and died in Cincinnati, Ohio on Nov 20, 1931. Yahrtzeit date is 10 Kislev, which corresponds to Nov 28, 2017. (What is Yahrzeit?)

Marcus's father:
Israel Fialcow
([hidden] -  )

Marcus's mother:
([hidden] - )

Marcus married
Chasha Portnoy
(Jan 1871 - Apr 17, 1933) .

With Chasha,
Marcus had these children

Anne Fialco
(Jul 12, 1889 - May 30, 1946)

Isadore Fialco
(Jan 16, 1891 - Oct 24, 1945)

Charles Fialco
(Feb 21, 1897 - Nov 1980)

Hyman (Phil) Fialco
(Apr 14, 1901 - Jan 20, 1976)

Freda Fialco
(Jan 02, 1904 - Mar 04, 1981)

Louis Fialco
(Feb 09, 1906 - Oct 1982)

Julius Fialco
(Feb 23, 1908 - Jun 10, 1966)

Additional Info:
Birth date from 1900 census.

Personal Information from city directory 1890:
Name: Marcus Fialkow
Location : 443 Vine
Occupation: tailor
City: Cincinnati
State: OH

Marcus' name was Joshua Marcus, but it seems that in America, at least, he always just used Marcus. He died of a fractured skull after a car accident in Cincinnati.

Marc Fialco writes:

I have a copy of the contract written either in Yiddish or Hebrew between my grandfather Joshua Mordechi Polikoff Kohan(Marcus Fialcow) and his uncle,Jacob Ben Isreal Poliakoff Hakohen representing his daughter, Chasha (my grandmother) to bring her to the U.S. and Cincinnati to be his wife. The contract was executed in the year 5648 in Pinsk. It also says Pinsk was the city of her birth. I assume it was also the city of Marcus's birth.