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Mat GM Malka Lea Fialkov
Mat GF Jacob Fialkov

GG Parents: Freidel Fialcow/ Israel Fialcow
Pat GM Freidel Fialcow
Pat GF Israel Fialcow

Freda Fialco Dumes
Hebrew name: Freidle bat Y'hoshuah Mordecai ha Cohen
Freda was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on Jan 02, 1904 and died in Vincennes, Indiana on Mar 04, 1981. Yahrtzeit date is 28 AdarI, which corresponds to Mar 15, 2018. (What is Yahrzeit?)

Freda's father:
Marcus Fialco
(Feb 1862 - Nov 20, 1931)

Freda's mother:
Chasha Portnoy
(Jan 1871 - Apr 17, 1933)

Freda married
William Jacob Dumes
(Mar 17, 1902 - Sep 08, 1969) on April 15, 1923 in Cincinnati,Ohio.

With William,
Freda had these children

Mildred Lillian Dumes
(Sep 06, 1924 - Nov 02, 2014)

Stanley Herman Dumes
(Sep 03, 1926 - Mar 14, 2005)

Additional Info:
My Aunt Mildred told me that Freda's parents had some objection to her marrying my grandfather. I believe that was probably because Freda's family appear to be Cohen and my grandfather did not come from that class. But my grandfather got his way, as he did most of the time.

- Bruce Dumes